CelebratePlus is an innovative, efficient and accountable crowdfunding site to collect money online. It has been designed to be a tool for you, to make your life easier, to help you collect money for your special events, so the money is just one preoccupation less so you spent your time planning just to have an amazing event.

Imagine that you can fund your special celebration, wedding, your party, pizza night with friends, Thanksgiving dinner or basically any project with the support of the people that care for your prosperity and wellbeing.

Imagine the peace of mind that you can have with a balanced approach between your lifestyle and traditions plus the independence that brings the financial security for a special celebration in your life.

CelebratePlus will collect money -hassle-free- from your friends and family relieving you from the inconvenient of doing it personally, so you can focus on the results of the most important part: Having a good time!


Personal relationships

"Friends and family are the best sources for crowdfunding and because of that they are the best sources to raise funds for your personal events"

"More people everyday reach for the support of friends and family to finance their special celebrations so they can spend their money on a new home, or a car, that special trip, etc!"