Invite. Get Funded. Celebrate.
It's That Easy!

CelebratePlus is an innovative group funding platform that allows you to manage your events online, share them with your friends and family, and raise money to support your event.

  • Create your own personalized invitations for any event or celebration.
  • We have featured templates very easy to use for you to create an easy, personal and beautiful invitation for every occasion.
  • Organize your events easily, send friendly reminders and have complete control of your event or celebration.
Get Funded!
  • Send your invitations with a link to your personal CelebratePlus account and be able to collect money to cover your celebration expenses.
  • CelebratePlus will collect your money in a friendly and respectful manner liberating you from the pain of solving how to cover all your celebration expenses.
  • CelebratePlus will send friendly reminders and you can access your dashboard and see how many people have confirmed and contributed to your celebration.
  • Collect via friends, family and social media the money needed for your event and only worry to have an excellent celebration.
  • The new economy has to have new tools to invite, finance and celebrate our events.
  • Take advantage of the tools that CelebratePlus has to offer you and start celebrating!